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What services do you provide?

We do all types of legal research and provide analysis of Ukrainian law, finding the law applicable to your situation that may be needed to make an investment decision, structure a business transaction, conduct litigation, prevent or resolve a legal dispute, handle a personal matter or devise some other legal solution. We also provide expert evidence on matters of Ukrainian law, as may be needed for submission to court or arbitration.

In addition, we conduct research and investigation into business partners and other Ukrainian persons of interest by using Ukrainian public registers and other open sources of information.  

What kinds of clients do you work for?

We work for international and local clients, including law firms, who prefer to delegate their Ukrainian law research to us.

What situations can you be useful in?

If you need information on a legal topic, we can advise how Ukrainian law treats the issue. Conversely, you may wish to know how a particular fact situation is handled under Ukrainian law, what your legal position is or legal remedies are. Often clients have little idea how they can benefit from Ukrainian law, in particular in international litigation or arbitration. It is our job to provide solutions that advance the client’s case.

What areas of Ukrainian law do you cover? 

We cover all areas of Ukrainian law, including, in particular, business, civil, tax, family, criminal and administrative, as well as all areas of dispute resolution and procedural law (commercial, civil and administrative). 

Are there restrictions on the size or type of assignments? 

There are no restrictions on the type of assignments as long as they involve the kinds of services we provide, nor restrictions on the size of assignments.

Who actually provides the service?

Our services are provided by qualified Ukrainian lawyers authorized to practice in Ukraine. The work is not done anonymously, and you will deal with a qualified Ukrainian lawyer who will also sign off on the end product.


Who is the service delivered?

We deliver our work-product in writing, typically by producing a memo or report on the issue requested, backed up by relevant legal authorities. We also discuss issues by phone or in personal meetings, if appropriate. 

What are your advantages compared to standard law firms?

It is our specialization and focus on Ukrainian legal research. Standard law firms may be good at legal research, yet with them it may often be a secondary function, handled by relatively junior staff but charged out at senior rates. Our fees are much more reasonable while the work product is typically better. In a serious case you can always use us as a reasonable way to get a second opinion on another law firm’s advice. 


Is it proper for a law firm to delegate legal work to you? 

Normally doing so is completely proper and legal, but to be on the safe side you should check any rules that may be applicable to you. You would also want to see if you need to obtain the client’s consent for associating with us and disclose the fact to them. In fact, many clients, including law firms, find it useful to enlist us for their Ukrainian legal needs as a good alternative to standard outside counsel or hiring in-house staff. 


What is legal research, analysis and information?

Broadly, legal research is finding the law on a particular legal topic or applicable to specific facts. Legal analysis can be thought of as analysing the facts and the law to identify the best legal solution. In both cases the end product is information.  

What languages do you work in?

We provide our services in English, French and German. 

What does it cost? 

The cost depends on the scope and complexity of the work. We agree the fees on a case-by-case basis for each after reviewing the scope of work to be done. We normally charge a fixed fee for our work. Alternatively, we can provide services on a retainer basis.

Is there a written agreement?

We can sign a written agreement if the client so requires, including a confidentiality agreement. In any event, once the work is agreed, there is a binding contract between us regardless of whether or not it is put into writing. 

How is confidentiality assured?

As lawyers, we are bound by confidentiality rules. We can also enter into a separate confidentiality agreement. Finally, if you are a law firm, we do not need names or other details specific to your client or their situation to do our work. You can simply describe the legal issue generically and that will be enough.

How do I contact you? 

You can contact us by an email letter describing your issue. After the initial contact we will estimate the scope of work required and let you know the cost and time frame for completion. Once agreed, we will proceed with the work and deliver the results to you at an agreed time.

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