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14 May 2022

A new law makes it illegal for political parties to engage in anti-Ukrainian activities. Ministry of Justice is given the task to initiate summary litigation to ban them. 

On 14 May 2022 President signed into legal effect amendments, earlier voted by the Rada, to the law on political parties, outlawing those seeking to undermine Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The move, ostensibly prompted by Russia’s recent invasion, seems chiefly aimed at politicians deemed too soft on that country.

The law makes it illegal to form and operate parties whose programs involve justifying or denying Russia’s aggression against Ukraine or presenting it as an internal conflict. Other grounds include glorifying or justifying actions of persons pursuing an armed aggression against Ukraine. 

Up until now, the offending parties’ activities could be suspended by fiat, through the National Security and Defense Council under the President. The new law supplies a firm legal basis for the procedure.

Whether a party engages in prohibited conduct will be decided by a court (for the duration of the marital law status – the Lviv appeal court), at the application of the Ministry of Justice. The case will be heard in an expedited manner. The court’s decision may be appealed at the Supreme Court. 

A banned party’s assets and property will be taken over by the government. its official parliamentary faction, if any, will be disbanded, but the individual members will keep their seats in the Rada. 

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